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Bluestone Stone Cladding Cultured Stone Veneer CS-66

Material : Andesite
Detail : 4 rows combined into one shee
Size : 150*600mm
Thickness: 10–20mm
Package Detail : 7 pcs/carton, 60 cartons/crate
Quantity/Container : 20 crates, 756sqm

Culture stones are widely used in indoor and outdoor decorate. Most of them are made of slate and quartzite with natural split processing. Suitable for retro decoration style.It can be said that the cultural stone is an embodiment of people returning to nature, returning to the basics of the mind, indoors and exterior decoration. This kind of mentality can also be understood as a life culture.

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This Bluestone Stone Cladding Cultured Stone Veneer CS-66 !
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