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LXSQ6431 Vanilla Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Item No.: LXSQ6431

Size: 1600x3200mm Tickness: 20mm / 30mm

Cut-to-size: 300×300, 300×600, 400×400, 600×600

Application: Kitchen countertop, vanity top, benchtop, wall tile, flooring, etc.
Packing: Slabs in wooden bundles, countertop & tiles in wooden crate.


As a new type of stone, quartz stone is widely used in countertops of kitchens and bathroom. The advantages are high hardness, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, and no radiation. Although marble countertops are beautiful and unique, they are easily eroded by liquids such as fruit juices and wine. Therefore, more and more people choose to use quartz stones.

Aging Test

Aging Test

Performance is stable at normal room temperature, under normal sunlight condition. Color isn’t changes with ages.
Heat Resistance

Heat Resistance

The high level?of heat-resisting of our products is better than stainless steel, it won’t get melt or burned by the cooker.
Shining surfac

Shining surfac

It is long-lasting bright with a compact structure, it has no micro porous, no water absorption, no need to extra maintenance after used.
 No Scratches

No Scratches

No scratches : our products is made from 93% natural quartz and hardness is 7 moh’s harder than ordinary ironware.
Dirty Resistance

Dirty Resistance

It has a high compact of non-porous structure, low as 0.03% water absorption rate helps you easy to clean with water.
Safty Test

Safty Test

Guaranteed?by National Organization, our products is proved to be safe, clean without non-radioactive.
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This LXSQ6431 Vanilla Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops !
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